Chris Dobson

THE Founder. THE Man. THE Guy with all the ideas…

Chris Dobson cannot refuse a challenge and when his screen-printing and website-design hobby started producing an income, and people were demanding more of his work, he couldn’t (or wouldn’t?) say no.

Through years of self-training, experiments and grit, he learned to do everything from detailed embroidery to enormous digital-billboards. This farm-boy combined his knack for technology and tools with his ambition and vision of being his own boss.

These days you can find him with his hands in several companies, while also trying to balance being a fabulous father, husband and better man. He is a force and you will know it when you meet him!

Lara Dobson

The softer side of the Dobson-Duo, but no less of a force! She has spent 19 years living and working side-by-side with Chris.

After university and a quick 5-year teaching career, she became the primary Project Manager at Ironjet due to her ceaseless work ethic and hyper-attention to the fine details.

She quickly won the respect and trust of local businesses and not-for-profits alike as she worked alongside them to increase the value of their business, brand, or assist in their fundraising efforts. Her dedication and care to the well-being of her clients’ businesses is unmatched – she understands on a deep level that their success is paramount and primary to her own.

And while she found it difficult to return to work after having her first child at 40, she is finding a way to balance raising a toddler and connecting with clients, old and new.

Call her today to assist with your project, event or marketing strategy!

Graeme Friesen

In 2020, Graeme was selected as a CorelDRAW Featured Artist for his work on projects like Lakeland College’s “open house illustration”, which was subsequently used in Corel’s product info sheet

Graeme was born an artist. Art has been his passion through grade school, college, and a professional career spanning nearly two decades.

In addition to 3M wrapping film training, Disney’s “Keys to Excellence”, and various modules from SGIA, Graeme is a lifelong learner and always developing his skills.

Graeme has been instrumental in the development of countless brands including the City of Lloydminster, Vivid Hair Salon, Women Warriors, and national brand, Garrison Gutter Guards. But his favourite projects are often tied to the Ironjet brand, including the character illustrations on this page, Ironjet’s visual identity, and the website itself.

When he’s not graphic designing, he’s spending time with his wife and daughter; or working on music, creating comics, building 3D architectural visualizations, and illustrating books for local authors.


Correna Parkinson

Correna joined the Ironjet team in the Spring of 2019 when Kate and Lara realized they are amazing with customers and products, but needed someone to manage the nitty gritty of the business.

She is the financial mastermind and keeps all of the administrative details and day to day balls up in the air. With a background in event planning and catering, Correna is an amazing asset to have when our team is called to organize huge events like Boundary Battle on the Border!

When Correna isn’t working or running her three young children to activities, you can usually find her creating magic in her kitchen or enjoying visits with family and friends.

Let us work with you on your next big project!

Our experienced team is able to help you take your organization to the next level. Unsure of what sort of vinyl to use, or apparel decoration to get? Let us answer any questions before you begin – we’ve seen it all!

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