Client: WhiteCloud Gravel & Aggregate
Project: Illustration, Logo Design, and Sign
Date: Winter 2022

WhiteCloud Gravel & Aggregate came to us with an idea and style reference, and our artist took it to the next level.

 The original sketch was a bit more whimsical than the final product, and featured expressive faces on the vehicles. In the end, non-anthropomorphic vehicles were decided upon.

The client wanted a style with thick, heavy lines and bold colours. It was a perfect candidate for vector artwork.

Using several photo references, our artist pieced together a scene, inked it, and then added colours and shading during the vectorization process.

The logo was created to compliment the illustration, and is relatively simple. Together, the elements create a bold, eye-catching visual style that draws plenty of attention to the finished ACP sign.

WhiteCloud Billboard

Final ACP Sign

WhiteCloud Truck Loader Early Sketch

Early Sketch

WhiteCloud Logo Design

Final Logo

Icon Grey Signage 100 x 70 px

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