Visual Identity: To the Beat Dance Challenge

Ironjet created a complete visual identity for To the Beat Dance Challenge. The project included a logo design, travel mugs, screen printed apparel, and event programs.

Developing a Visual Identity

To the Beat Dance Challenge was looking for a visual look that was modern, full of energy, feminine, and a bit edgy. We created an original logo and set of dance silhouettes using sharp, angular lines and a striking back base with accents of blue.

After a handful of revisions, the visuals embraced grungier, distressed textures, and imagery that better reflects the forms of dance represented at the Dance Challenge. The colour palette is still dominated by black, but uses shades of purple and bursts of cyan.

Early visual identity concepts

Dance Program Booklet

Program booklets are intense projects with many eyes evaluating them. There are often dozens of sponsor ads, som of which are supplied, but many of which must be created by our designer. There are also many documents & schedules that are supplied to Ironjet which are formatted to fit within the booklet parameters.

In this case, the program booklet contained 28 pages, and was printed and finished by our experienced production crew. One of the better ads was created for TruckZone by Ironjet, and may be seen on page 16.

Brand Implementation: Deliverables

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