Rosemarie Falk Window Graphics

This window graphic is a seamless blend of several photos into one vivid and eye catching image.

Lakeland College Gym Mural

We created an expansive mural for Lakeland College’s gymnasium, which included dozens of photos of their athletes in action. A special adhesive vinyl was used to apply the design to the textured wall and doors.

Synergy Credit Union

This extensive project included application of graphics to everything from the reception desk, to glass surfaces & windows, to elevator signage. We even created an interactive 3D model of the space for easy review.

Scope Window Graphics

This window graphic is a composite of a handful of photos, creating a seamless background which is quite striking.

LCHS Welcome Mural

One of the entrance walls was covered with this unique Welcome design, featuring various languages, and the LCHS iconography & colours.

Synergy Credit Union Kids' Area

A project within a project, the kids’ play area for Synergy Credit Union required a mix of stock and original artwork, as well as their trademark Fat Cat character.

City of Lloydminster Mural

This thirty foot mural features photos from Lloydminster’s early days all the way through to modern times. The buildings are blended together to create a seamless cityscape.

Centennial Civic Center Hockey Mural

This incredibly detailed mural contains imagery from Lloydminster’s early hockey history through to present day, along with descriptive captions to mark each era.

Bar Engineering Wall Display

A simple, elegant display shows off Bar Engineering’s certificates in a multi-layered fashion.

Map of Caelor

This gigantic map of the fantastical land of Caelor was hand drawn and printed to a old-fashioned canvas material.

Badger Daylighting Wall Wrap

Badger Daylighting made their reception area one of a kind by wrapping a complete wall with a magazine-style layout.

Lloyd Water Treatment Plant Activity Booklet

We created this activity booklet for the Lloyd Water Treatment Plant to help educate kids about the treatment process. The City mascot, Border Buddy, was rebuilt in fully posable 3D for the project.

Legacy Projects

One of Ironjet’s most unique types of project is the Legacy Project, which usually contains heavily customized collages or illustrations, along with creative applications of the design.

Rosemarie Falk Window Graphics

In addition to the cabinet sign and pylon sign, we were commissioned to create a unique window graphic. Our concept was to blend the Saskatchewan prairies with Parliament Hill for a “castle in the sky” sort of look – a collision of two worlds. Though it only appears to be two, there are a handful of images used in the photo composite.

Lakeland College Gym Mural

This project was comprised of two walls (one thirty foot, the other forty) and required a collage of dozens of photos, tied together by a singular theme. The application of the design also required a special type of vinyl that would adhere to the textured walls, and took our install team the better part of a weekend to apply.

Synergy Credit Union Interior Décor

We undertook an extensive project for Synergy Credit Union’s new building in Lloydminster, creating an interactive 3D visualization of the space, with our suggested design work (shown here). They ended up using a non-local company (which has now gone bankrupt) for the design, but we were proud to install and print the graphics for them.

Scope Window Graphics

Scope came to us with a graphic that was very low resolution, and we offered to create a new photo composite, using stock imagery. The finished result is a one of a kind window design that makes their business stand out!

LCHS Welcome Mural

What better way to welcome someone than to say it in a dozen different languages? This design covers one of the walls in the entrance to Lloydminster Comprehensive High School

Synergy Credit Union Kids’ Area

The kids’ area for the new Synergy Credit Union building required a custom design, with activities, characters, and educational content. We took Synergy’s “Fat Cat” character and gave him mobility and posability. We also created two unique characters to supplement Fat Cat’s world.

City of Lloydminster Mural

This thirty foot mural contains dozens of photos from the Lloydminster Regional Archives, all carefully masked and fitted together to create a seamless cityscape that journeys through time. The border markers are custom vector objects.

Centennial Civic Centre Hockey Mural

We created a historic hockey mural celebrating Lloydminster’s contribution to the sport. Containing hundreds of photos and dozens of tidbits, the design covers an entire wall and allows the viewer to walk through Lloydminster’s hockey history.

Bar Engineering Wall Display

When a business is proud of its certificates, it likes to display them proudly. We created a creative wall display for Bar Engineering using acrylic with stand off mounts and wall vinyl to add a bit of dimension.

Map of Caelor

Although the kids camp exists in the real world, Caelor is a fantastical realm that overlays with the geography perfectly. The map was hand drawn and printed to an old-fashioned canvas material for effect.

Badger Daylighting Wall Wrap

We wrapped an entire wall in the reception area of Badger Daylighting’s office. The graphic is simple, and reminiscent of a magazine ad. It adds a burst of texture and colour to an otherwise plain room.

Lloyd Water Treatment Activity Booklet

At a dozen pages, this activity book for Lloydminster’s water treatment plant features the city mascot, Border Buddy, in fully rendered 3D. The inside pages show Border Buddy interacting with various aspects of the water treatment process, in black and white so each page may be coloured.

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