Wall Wrap: City of Lloydminster

This thirty foot timeline mural showcases dozens of pictures from throughout Lloydminster’s history.

Pieces of the Past

Rather than taking a collage approach, we blended the photos together to create a sprawling cityscape, punctuated by Lloydminster’s iconic orange border markers.

Early Concepts

This concept is remarkably similar to the finished artwork, but uses full colour fields and other graphic elements to represent Alberta and Saskatchewan.

This concept was created somewhere in the middle of the project, and is a great example of spoken concept that sounds good, but doesn’t work well on paper.

This was one of the very first concepts, as is evidenced by the large number of ideas represented. Thankfully, the finished product pared the layout down to its essence.

A more traditional collage, enclosed within the word “Lloydminster”.

Like What You See?

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