Event Theme: Program Booklet Cover

Event Theme: LRHF Gala 2017

Ironjet has developed the visual event theme and donated print and signage for the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation’s health gala for over a decade.

Event Theme: Signs, Print, Design, Video, and Social Media

The event theme for Lloydminster Region Health Foundation’s (LRHF) 2017 health gala was “Mission: Possible”. Visually, it combined elements from various spy and action movies, which were fully realized through print, signage, social media, and video.

Ironjet’s usual contributions to the annual event include tickets, program booklets, sponsor signage, event signage, social media files, e-mail blasts, and custom-imprinted mint tins. This year, we also developed a short video loop to hi-light the sponsors on a projection screen. The tickets are often foil stamped and always numbered, but this year we chose to finish them with de-bossing and spot UV (selective gloss).

FUN FACT: on top of the colour filtering, the image of the man and woman required some heavy-duty photo editing. The woman pictured is a completely different woman than the one who was in the original picture, and both characters were originally holding guns. The woman also wasn’t wearing jewellery, originally. And the cut of the dress was altered. And so on, and so forth . . .

Visual Event Theme, Print, and Signage

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