Client: Bad to the Bone
Project: Character Illustration & Logo Design
Date: 2018-2019

Many of our character illustration projects start with a hand-drawn sketch, but not all of them keep the hand-drawn look to the end.

In the case of Bad to the Bone, our client was looking for an adventurer-type girl, and that idea quickly progressed to the unique dichotomy you see before you.

Various weapons and colours were tested, and the client ultimately chose a whip with high-contrast, desaturated colours on an energetic red background.

The logo was also created during this project.

This artwork was also selected by the internationally-renowned Corel Corporation as award-worthy, and earned our artist the title of “Corel-featured Artist”.

Itoj Legacy Storefront Graphics

Final image

Original sketch

Adjusted sketches

Colours & lighting

Icon Grey Signage 100 x 70 px

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