Amber L'Heureux Truck Wrap

Client: Amber L’Heureux
Project: Brand & Identity Development
Date: Fall 2019

Amber L’Heureux has been making headlines as an up-and-coming chuckwagon driver. What sets her apart from the pack is that she is the world’s first professional female chuckwagon driver, racing alongside other greats in the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association (CPCA).

When she first approached Ironjet, she wanted a way to represent her identity as a unified brand. That included herself and her team (Team Pink), as well as her friends, followers, and sponsors (The Allies).

Ironjet used a brand board to solidify the visual identity, which reinforced the brand positioning we had already been discussing. The end result is both rugged and feminine, and absolutely unique in the CPCA circuit.

Amber L'Heureux Magnet

Magnet & autograph poster

Awesome service with quick turn around time! Ironjet helped me with marketing and branding my business all while keeping it professional yet unique to me! Would highly recommend them to anyone on the market for promotional items, decals, wraps or a new website for a new business or if your old even needs a facelift! Friendly yet professional team makes you feel like family while doing business!”

Amber L'Heureux

Professional Chuckwagon Driver,, L'Heureux Chuckwagon Racing

Amber L'Heureux Magnet

Brand board

The Allies Logo Design

Over the years, we’ve used our in-house production facility to wrap Amber’s truck and wagon, as well as provide her with sponsor tarps (which are changed out often).

“The Allies” have plenty of ways to support Amber, as well, with apparel, magnets, air fresheners, and more – all provided by Ironjet’s experienced team.

Wagon wrap with artwork from local artist

“The Allies” t-shirt

Icon Grey Signage 100 x 70 px

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