History of Ironjet

Ironjet Promotions started in the fall of 2005 in Chris and Lara Dobson’s basement. The business ran as a part time hobby job for four years with a brief opening in Maidstone, SK that quickly fell through in the spring of 2009. This gave the opportunity for Ironjet to open in Lloydminster, SK on September 1st, 2009 and acquire LAZERColor Media Group in February of 2010.

Ironjet eventually moved all assets to downtown Lloydminster and secured a second building for production, as well as a vehicle bay for installation work. By 2013, the head office had been fully amalgamated into the production facility.

As time progressed, a satellite office was opened in North Battleford, staffed by a single worker. A second business, Ironjet Media Group, was also founded in North Battleford, primarily for the sale of digital ad space on a newly acquired digital billboard, also located in North Battleford.

By the mid-2010’s, the oilfield industry had fallen into a steep decline. Ironjet was not immune and had to adapt, resulting in the closure of the North Battleford office. The number of Ironjet’s employees also decreased at that time, with some leaving to pursue greener pastures, until only the absolute core remained.

By 2017, the company began to carefully expand again, having found a new partner and colleague.

It was also the year Ironjet closed the doors to its downtown brick and mortar shop and adopted a completely mobile business model. The decision has resulted in reduced expenses, better efficiency, and boosted morale. The production facility itself was also relocated and streamlined.

These things were done to adapt to the economy, give our workers better flexibility, and allow our owners to focus on serving our clientele better, instead of dealing with infrastructure problems.

In 2020, Ironjet is looking forward to expanding into Ontario, and our very own President will be working from London and Toronto.

With an experienced core and fresh group of hard, dedicated workers, Ironjet is conscious of its history and optimistic about the future!

Throughout its history, Ironjet has consistently offered unparalleled local design, great customer service, and top-of-the-line deliverables.

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