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We know that people seldom read the legal stuff, so here’s a quick overview:

  • Make sure there aren’t any typos before approving an art proof. Ironjet likely won’t foot the bill for reprints.
  • The colours displayed on your screen will probably be a bit different than the final product. Colour-matching is a whole discussion, but it boils down to: your screen emits light, but print reflects light. Talk to one of our experts if you want a long-winded explanation 😀
  • Our workers might make minor adjustments to the final product without giving you notice (a decal might have to be simplified a bit or installed in a slightly different location).
  • Major changes will always be confirmed with you.
  • Please make sure you own the content you provide to us. We assume you own (or license) the stuff you give to us. We may refuse or remove content that’s illegal or goes against our own internal standards (copyrighted, offensive, pornographic, etc.).
  • Make sure the content you provide is good quality. There’s only so much we can do with a low resolution image or auto-traced vector file. If you’re not sure, give us a shout or read this.
  • Ideas can’t be copyrighted until they’re tangible. We’ll keep your big idea confidential so no one steals it.
  • Stuff created by Ironjet is owned by Ironjet. Stuff you supply to us is owned by you (we assume). We’ll cook the “dish” using the ingredients and tools at our disposal, and you’ll get to enjoy the final product. But not the recipe.
  • You can buy the recipe from us, if you want to make your own “dishes”.
  • You can buy the ingredients. If they’re originals (made by Ironjet), we’ll give you a fair price. If they’re licensed to Ironjet, we’ll show you where and how you can buy them to make your own “dishes”.
  • You can buy the tools, but keep in mind that it takes expertise to use them well. We’ve been using some of these tools for 20 years, so it’s usually worth it to let us handle the heavy lifting.
  • Please keep our communications confidential.
  • Please don’t take our design concepts or ideas elsewhere. We like to play nice and want you to do the same. Where creative work is concerned, courts tend to look with favour on the copyright-holders (that’s us).
  • You CAN cancel an order. But it may cost your deposit, and we may invoice for expenses beyond the deposit like materials that have been ordered or art/consult time spent.
  • We want to do the job right! We want to meet the deadline you’ve given us. Please respond to our communications promptly and consider how your words may be interpreted by our team.
  • We’re proud of what we create and like to put our logo on it. The Ironjet logo and/or contact info will appear on things we create by default (in a small, unobtrusive way) , but you can tell us if you’d prefer not to have it. Please let us know during proofing if you don’t want the Ironjet logo on your product.

Well, that’s out of the way – thanks for reading! Now here’s the rest…

Please read carefully


These Terms of Use govern the use of the products & services offered by Ironjet Promotions, Inc. (henceforth referred to as “Ironjet”) as well as use of the websites and mobile sites (collectively know as the “Site”).

By interacting with an Ironjet artwork proof, quote, estimate, or consultation – whether by responding to email, texting, phoning, or any other form of communication, existing or yet to be invented – you confirm that you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and to any additional guidelines, restrictions, or rules that may be posted in specific product or services pages on the Site.

If you use this Site, or any of the products & services offered by Ironjet, on behalf of any individual, business, organization, or other entity of any kind (henceforth referred to as the “Client), you represent and warrant that you are authorized to accept these Terms of Use on its behalf, and to bind the Client to these Terms of Use.

Ironjet reserves the right to make changes to this Site and these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice.


Ironjet will not be held responsible for spelling or grammatical errors. Please check your artwork proof carefully before approving. Content which you have supplied is copied “as is” into the design, unless copywriting services have been requested. We do our best to follow English established grammar standards such as those found on, but also subscribe to the use of the Oxford comma and using a single space after punctuation. We may circumvent these rules if specifically requested by the Client.


By requesting and approving digital proofs in lieu of hard copy proofs, the Client acknowledges and accepts that the colours from various displays or screens may not match the final output. Re-prints due to colour discrepancies will be at the expense of the Client. Hard copy colour samples may be requested at additional cost (please contact your Account Representative). Devices with screens, such as phones, tablets and computers cannot be relied upon to show accurate colours.

When supplying files to Ironjet, ensure that they are in CMYK colour mode or, if they use Pantones®, that the Pantones are communicated to your Account Representative. Files supplied in RGB colour mode will shift. Files that use lossy compression (such as JPG) will likely have colour degradation, as well. For photos, the best results will be produced from files in CMYK colour mode that use a lossless compression algorithm (such as TIF, or PDF-X1a).

If you require specific spot colours, please notify your Account Representative to discuss Pantones®. Orders without indication of Pantone colours, supplied hard copy proofs, or requested hard copy proofs may produce unexpected colours. If the file you supply contains Pantone colours please do not convert them to CMYK. Pantone colour matching is only applicable to devices or production methods which use Pantone inks. For devices where Pantone inks are not used, there will be a colour shift, as deemed acceptable by the official Pantone colour bridge.

Please see our Artwork FAQ for more details.


For products that will be installed by the Ironjet team, adjustments to the product, application surface, or the installation site itself may be necessary. There may be differences in installation location from the approved artwork proof to the actual finished product. Such changes will be confirmed with you, the client, at the install site, whenever possible.


The images shown in the artwork proof are low resolution, compressed, and in RGB colour mode, and are not suitable for reproduction. The customer is responsible for providing usable images before or upon approval. When no suitable image may be found, Ironjet Promotions, Inc. may supply stock or custom imagery at additional cost. In many cases, where logos or illustrations are found to be low quality, they may be vectorized at additional cost (with your permission).


The artwork proof is the property of Ironjet Promotions Inc. and may not be supplied to our competitors nor used to prepare derivative works.

Elements that you supply remain your property, but any other elements are either the sole property of Ironjet Promotions, Inc. (in the case of original elements) or have been licensed to Ironjet Promotions, Inc. for the purpose of commercial design work. Ironjet Promotions, Inc. follows all licensing restrictions set forth by our stock image subscription(s), font supplier(s), or suppliers of other third-party content.

Ironjet reserves the right to display the work (finished or unfinished) in our portfolio. This right is reserved even when there has been a file or rights release negotiated, unless otherwise stated.

Unless otherwise stated, Ironjet also reserves moral rights to any created work. When asked, the Client must properly identify Ironjet as the creator of the work. The Client does not have a proactive duty to display Ironjet’s name alongside the work, but the Client may not mislead others by stating the work was created by anyone other than Ironjet and/or its employees.

Artwork or design concepts that have been rejected or altered remain the exclusive property of Ironjet. Ironjet reserves the right to reuse rejected or unapproved sketches or designs, and retains full ownership of any such materials.


All communication and materials, whether they be written, verbal, images, videos, or other communication methods or materials, existing or yet to be invented, is confidential and may not be shared with any third party. Ironjet reserves the right to seek restitution for any damages resulting from unauthorized sharing of such materials.


Any disputes between the Client and Ironjet, if they are unable to be resolved through civilized discussion, will be resolved within Canadian, and specifically Albertan, jurisdiction and law.


If a project does not receive approval or proceed to the production stage within 30 days, for any reason, an invoice will be issued for the outstanding balance, which may include art fees, administrative fees, consulting fees, materials, or any other costs accumulated thus far. Ironjet reserves the right to terminate such projects. Deposits will not be refunded.

*If you request the vector or native files for a particular design at any point during the project, and we send them to you, that design will be considered “approved”, even if further work is done.*


Please note that Rejecting or making changes to the artwork proof may impact the deadline and/or incur more artwork charges. Artwork proofs that are neither Rejected nor Approved may also impact the deadline, and make it more difficult for our artist(s) to stay on top of your order.

Orders that remain “open” (neither Approved nor Rejected) for over 30 days may be considered “stale”. In such cases, Ironjet reserves the right to terminate the project and charge for any outstanding artwork, material, or service costs.

Either party may terminate the project at any time through written request. The Client will, upon termination, pay Ironjet all unpaid amounts due for services completed prior to the notice of termination.

Please Reject or Approve your artwork proof as soon as possible to ensure your order is completed in a timely fashion. Thanks!

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